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Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: November 18, 2013

Special Report Section #1 Option #1

The Late Middle Ages were a time during the 14th century in which three catastrophic events happened. The three events included the Black Death, Great Schism, and Hundred Years War. These three events changed the arts and culture of Europe drastically. Even though the 14th century was a great time for Europe, this time period was also quickly given another name. It became known as the “Crisis of the Late Middle Ages”. First of the three devastating events was the Black Death, otherwise known as the Black Plague. Around the 1340s the Plague came and put a stop to any development in art and culture in Europe. After the 7th year of existence the plague begin to spread to Sicily by fleas and lice. Soon a few weeks elapsed and it was all over northern Italy. Then a couple months passed, but by then it traveled all the way to Northwest Europe including France, Spain, Portugal, and England. The plague was everywhere and was so destructive because it spread so quickly and there was no medical help available. The Black Death was one of the most disastrous pandemics in history wiping out almost a third of Europe’s total population of 70 million. Citizens were usually dead in three days after realizing they had the disease. Growing famine condition in the European continent fueled the plague. The agriculture harvests failed which weakened the people and made them more susceptible to the plague. The chain reaction from the plague took Europe over 150 years to recover. This definitely caused a social, religious, and economic disaster for Europe to deal with. After the plague there was another really important event that happened and it was called the Great Schism. The Great Schism, also known, as the Great Divide was a split within the Catholic Church. This happened because several men claimed to be the real Pope. In 1377 when the papacy had returned to Rome, the cardinals elected a new Italian pope after Gregory died. The French on...
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