HRM598 Week 3 Case Study Job Evaluation

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Whole Foods first opened its doors back in 1980 in Austin, Texas with a staff of only nineteen people. Today, Whole Foods is a leader in the supermarket industry specializing in organic and healthy foods. Their mission is to sell the highest quality natural and organic food products. Their core values include: the highest levels of customer satisfaction, supporting team members growth, creating wealth through profits and growth, giving back to the community, educating the community and staff about healthy eating habits to promote a healthier life style. While evaluating the different positions within Whole Foods, I will keep Whole Foods missions and core values in mind when making recommendations.

Subject: Compensation
Evaluation of Jobs and Job structure
The analysis of the job descriptions and the job structure is s follows- JOB A
This job requires the person to provide good quality of customer service right from taking orders to delivering them. The job requires some deli experience from the operational pint of view. It also involve the job of following the supervisor's orders and doing them in a timely manner Customer Service/Deli

This is the job of a customer service executive in the form of a cashier. The major responsibility is assisting the customers in payment a maintenance of the cash payment registers. The major requirement for this person is to have excellent communication skills besides having a structured way of thought process. Customer Service/Cashier

This is the prepared food manger who reports to the store team leader and the associated food store team leader. His major responsibility is to look after the prepared food and control of the operational expenses. Prepared Food Manager

This is the prepared food supervisor or the shift supervisor hose work is to assist the team leader in the night operations. His major task is to supervise the other team members and report any violation of the standard protocol that is too followed. Prepared Food/Sift Supervisor

This is the utility worker or the dish washer whose major responsibility is to maintain cleanliness in the store. The task includes washing of the utensils and dishes and to keep the store clean. This is to ensure that health conditions and safety prevails in the store and the workplace. Utility Worker /Dishwasher

This is the role of the store supervisor whole major responsibility so to look after the store keeping of the organization. Thus his responsibility is to organize the promotional displays and to keep an eye on the stock levels in the shelf. His duties also include ordering of the new stock for replenishment. Stock Supervisor

This is the role of the prepared food manager or the assistant manager whole major responsibility is to hiring the other team members and looking after the rest of the operations of the store. This also includes taking various decisions like annual budget, inventory levels and hiring decisions. Prepared Food/Assistant Manager

This is the role of the Assistant Store Team Leader whose major responsibility is to look after the store team leaders and assist him. His job is to rotate among the various stores and look at the various operations of the store. The major task is to evaluate the customer performance of the various stores in terms of business and customer service and show the levels of improvement from the previous years. Assistant Store Team Leader

This is the stock worker whose major job is to maintenance of the stocks in the shelf and keeps the shelf area clean. The role also includes him to comply with the entire safety standard that is to b followed in the store. He also helps in organizing and displaying of the promotional campaigns insides the store. Stock Worker

Process, Techniques, and Factors
The major process used in determination of the job structure was to determine the roles, duties and...

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