How to Grow a Super-Athlete

Topics: Russia, Explanation, Baseball Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Article Review: “How to Grow a Super-Athlete”
In response to a request from Dr. Edwards, I have reviewed over this article twice to verify if it would be useful in an analytical report written by a Santa Fe College student, explaining the concept of deliberate practice. Summary

* Neurologists theorize that myelin is being seen as an epiphany and a common link between the Spartak Kids and all other blooms on the talent map. * A sausage-shaped layer of dense fat that wraps around the nerve fibers, called myelin works the same way as rubber insulation does on wire, keeping the signal very strong by preventing electrical currents out. * Daniel Coyle refers to four main conclusions at the end of this article as “How to Grow a Super-Athlete.” * The first one was the hunger and ambition of driven Russian parents for their young and talented children, even though Daniel Coyle states that if one considers how hard life must be in Russia at the moment, they still are driven with the talent of their children. * Secondly the early starts in athletic environments, like the children in Spartak, who started young, specialized early and benefited from their Russian culture, which is to built a selection of athletes and shield them from academic pressures. * The third was how powerful and consistent coaches were at Spartak, most of the coaches Coyle watched were treated with the respect reserved for university professors. * The fourth and final one was the cultural toughness that the young Russian children were faced for the struggle of playing tennis. * “Deliberate Practice + Time = Myelin = Talent.”

* Daniel Coyle explains about how myelin is connected to the Spartak tennis team in detail, which helps the college student write an analytical report on deliberate practice. * It would have been easier for the reader to understand about “How to Grow a Super-Athlete,” if Coyle explained more about the Dominican baseball players and South...
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