How the Brain Works

Topics: Brain, Human brain, Human Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Everything we do, every thought we have is produced by the human brain. Despite the brains intelligence it can still be fooled by a simple magic trick. Also according to the video I watched its shows how a magnetic wind can control a human body and their speech when attached to the head. Brains are like finger prints and they are totally different as everybody. Exactly how the brain operates remains one of the biggest mysteries. Tyson, who is the movie interpreter, went to Las Vegas to learn how the brain works. He said “Magic is a satisficated art form, practiced by seasoned professionals who know exactly how to trick your brain. He said so after observing a swimming fish in a glass then over a sudden he was tricked by the magician and he loosed focus on the fish. According to the video is said , with more than one hundred billion nerve cells each making thousands of connections, the human brain , a lamp of tissue small enough to hold in your palm the human brain is so powerful and it can contemplate the vastness of the universe yet it can be fooled by a simple coin trick. Another thing is artificial intelligence, this where by robots are made capable to act like human. But in real life robots do not exist. That all goes back to human brain; from my own opinion is that the human brain is you control it, make it. In other words is that a person is the only one in control of his or her brain. That all applies to intelligence, those people who are seen to be intelligent is simply because that is the way they have work or controlled their brain to be. A good example is seen to the robots, how they can act as humans and take control. Another example is from the video when Watson was competing with real human beings to answer questions. As the human brain, that’s how robots and computers work.
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