How Children Learn Language

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How Children Learn Language
Language, the largest and most common way we communicate in this world. It could be Spanish, English, Chinese or Japanese; we learn and use it in our everyday life. It is not genetically encoded in our brain to speak yet, we are able to start speaking or using a language. Children are born with no knowledge of the world. Children are able to learn language through interactions brain development and part of human development. Their brain develops everyday; helping them to learn words, actions, speeches through visualization, verbalization and hearing. As they grow older their vocabularies get bigger and eventually start using words in sentences. The most common way we see children learning a language is through adults talking to them. At the same time, what we do not see is how the brain gathers the information and helps the child develop the language. A child although his brain is not fully developed, is very capable of learning new words and remembering and utilizing it in his everyday life. The brain is also capable of helping a child build letters into words and leading it into a sentence. A child learns the language better as he grows older with age and the brain develops with more maturity and functions.

Studies show that a child younger than the age of two does not learn well through television with children programming. They are more responsive and are able to connect words and objects when an adult is interacting with them. For children the ages of three and up, they are able to learn through television with kids programming because their brains are more developed and are able to focus and pay attention to the words on the screens. The study also shows that a child is able to pay attention to a person speaking to him just as an animal character on the television.

The human body consists of two nervous systems: the central nervous system, which consist of the brain, spinal cord and retina; the peripheral nervous system...

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