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RoAd acciDEnTS iN MaLaysia
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Road accident in Malaysia is increasing every year and is dangerous to all people. In this situation all people must realize and give more attention to decrease the rate of road accident. At the same time, all people must cooperation with authorities like police to settle this problem. As we know many factors that cause this problem and the main factor is from human. After that the causes are road condition from poor, climate and vehicle factors. The rate of road accidents could be reduced by the various actions including from education, comfortable road condition, campaign and enforced the law. If all people give support and cooperation, this problem could be settled easily and our country also can decrease the number of deaths that result from road accident.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011
The solution to reduce road accidents,,,
1) Education
    An education can be implemented through exposure in moral subject at school, by improving a     training in driving school and give more information about safety road to all people. 2) By improving road conditions

    Government should give more attention to road surface, type of bitumen and lighting at night to     reduce this problem. The authorities also should put signs at strategic locations to warn drivers      about the dangers of the road. This way can decrease their vehicle speed. Enforced the law

    More effective law should be enacted such as ban on express bus travel at night, give a warrant to      people who violate road traffic rules and so on. The law enforcement must be firm and do not    discriminate.

    The government can implement the campaign to people to instill awareness among them. The     campaign like ''Traffic Safety and Road'' is one of the campaigns to raise moral and civic values     and ethics among the people.

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The factors that causes an accidents
Human factor (drivers, riders and pedestrian)
Attitude of feeling like disturbed, depressed, drive fast in a bad mood showed a significanttendency to road accidents. Like to drive fast because of the attitude factors such as time pressure to quickly arrive, late, rush, eager to pursue a destination and also showed significant office hours with traffic accidents. Driver want to drive fast because of the challenge and have fun attitude habit, fun, love to drive fast and like to take risks also showed significant real. Road Conditions

For example, the structure of the road is not flat, smooth, maze, narrow, dark and did notcause the driver to see and predict any obstruction to be encountered during driving  Climatic Factor
It is saying because of heavy rains limit visibility thereby affect the driving of the driver and the accident occurred Vehicles factor
The vehicles are poorly maintained are also among the factors that contribute to roadaccidents. For example, most causes of accidents involving large vehicles such as buses andcargo trucks are caused by a brake that is not in good condition and can not function properly. historical background of accidents

Data on road crash were analysed for a period of 14 years starting from 1985 to 1998 which was gathered from Statistical Report Road Crash. The number of accident for every 1,000,000,000 km registered motorcycle increased from 0.45 in year 1990 to 0.82 to in the year 1998 with an increase of 82.2%. However, the number of death for every 1,000 motorcycles involved in accidents reduced form 56.9% in the year 1990 to 41.2% in the year 1998. This data showed that the move taken to reduce the death of motorcycle users had achieved the target, but the moves taken to reduce the number accidents need to be revised. Data analysis from Statistical Report Road Crash showed that the causes of accident were due to human...
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