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Q 1) Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) ? Ans) Over the last ten years there has been increased demand and recognition for Teaching Assistants. HLTA was introduced by National Occupational Standards (NOS) in 2003 after Level 2 followed by Level 3 in 2001. HLTA are those professionals who have high level of knowledge, training and skills in handling and supporting child needs and behaviour in safe and healthy environment. It is imperative to undergo basic training that are essential to qualify as successful HLTA. Lets discuss them in detail their impacts and requirements. Every individual should at least be educated up to NVQ Level 2 in English and Maths. This will enable them to have sound numeracy and literacy skills so that they can train and nurture the children seamlessly within the set curriculum. It is very important for HLTA to be abreast of current curriculum for pupils developments and be able to produce right mix of skills along with deliverables. Also be in line with pupil requirements and ensure that their needs and growth are monitored at every level or sub levels in different subjects. HLTAs should also have a flexible attitude and be able to motivate pupils to learn and grow to their full potential. One of the important relationships in school is, HLTA should be very careful what is being discussed, what goes on in the school outside with friends or family. (4K11). It is about maintaining a balance, being friendly and approachable even to those people you may dislike and there could be some (4.4P1). In addition to this HLTAs are required to have some hands on experience with different genres of children like young children, teenagers, special needs, gifted or talented. Also be a great team player amongst other support staff, teachers and contact groups. It is also recommended that HLTAs are fully aware of various policies and procedures and are able to draw upon when needed. Eg -...
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