Historical Point of View

Topics: Black Death, English-language films, Bubonic plague Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Brittany Joy Travis
5 Cullen
17 September 2012
Historical POV Essay
The plague has struck all of the neighboring villages, and my wife is afraid that it will take ours next. We plan to pray all night so that our children will be safe to grow up and live a healthy life, but the idea seems far-fetched, for I have known nobody to have survived the disease. Last night, as I lay in bed, my thoughts wandered to the church. I thought ‘Why isn’t the church doing anything to get rid of this horrendous epidemic? Why can’t they ask God to forgive us and banish the plague?’ I have asked my neighbors that very question, but they are afraid to question the actions that He and the church are making. We all would rather live the rest of our short life in misery than to be damned for all eternity. This morning, I prayed for two hours on behalf of my family’s salvation. Tomorrow night, I plan on leaving the village with my family to find an escape from the curse that has seemed to swallow all of the country.

This epidemic is tearing the world as we know it. People are questioning my papal power, as well as the clergy. I do not know how to respond to the interrogation of my authority over the people, for we need to keep every person faithful to my church. If there are no people at the services, then how is the church going to collect money? We need to find a way to reassure the lower class that we can help them through God and explain to them how He is acting on the problem. Then, I would be able to stop telling people what they want to hear and lying to them. If they find out, they will lose more trust and respect for the church. If only there were a simple solution, but if there were, it would be a shortcut and some may frown upon us even more. Why can’t the Bubonic Plague just spontaneously disappear? The people would be happy, and the church would regain its respect and power.
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