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4.1. What is good customer service?
Good customer service is seen as a desirable value. Good customer service is created together with the customer in a service situation. Customer service is something that is done for the customer. (Rissanen, 2005, 17)

4.2. The main features of customer service
There are at least five features that describe customer service. These are: 1. Intangibility
Service is not something you can store, service happens with the customer each time and each time it can be a bit different. You can’t return service like you can return tangible products. Pricing a service can be difficult or maybe even impossible. 2. Coexistence

Producing a service often happens in an interactive process where both the user and the service producer are in interaction. This interactive process might take just few seconds or it might last decades.

3. New products and new distribution channels
Service can happen through many channels, for example, via phone or on the internet. 4. Heterogeneity and unique variation
Because service is intangible, unique and passing, product responsibility or consumer protection is hard to apply on a service. Monitoring quality and pricing is difficult. 24 5. Creativity
Each service situation is unique and it gives the service provider space for being creative. (Rissanen, 2005, 20-21) 4.3. Components of a good service
Good service consists of four different components. These are: service producing, service package, service quality and service culture.
4.3.1 Service producing
Service producing includes the served customer, service surroundings, the contact personnel and other customers. The customer must be served as an individual since the customer is judging the service during the whole service process. The service producer must keep in mind the 3/11 –rule, the customer can be a recommender. The service surroundings should be cosy and neat. Carefully planned...
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