Health Benefits of Cigars

Topics: Cigar, Acetylcholine, Smoking Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Health Benefits of Cigars
From the prehistoric times to voyages to the new world, cigars and tobacco have been used in varied methods that are important to man, and one of them is the various Health Benefits of using cigars. These benefits are as follows: Beneficial for Alzheimer’s Patients

Studies since the 1900’s have shown that nicotine imitates a certain part of the brain called neurotransmitters and is known to affect an abundant number of this important part of the brain.  Research has shown the effect of nicotine to increased brain function. As Alzheimer’s is characterized by affected neurons in the basal forebrain linked with loss of nicotinic receptors, it was found out that nicotine have important effects to this cells, increasing not only the regulation of flow of blood in the brain but also cognition..

Control effects of Tourette’s Syndrome
Data from a recent study showed that nicotine can control the effects of Tourette’s syndrome; these effects are characterized by physical tics and uncontrollable vocalizations which are often filled with obscenities. A series of case studies showed long-term control of tics, vocalizations and other symptoms by the effect of nicotine, the active ingredient in cigars.

Stabilize patients with Schizophrenia
New data indicating that nicotine can regulate some of the psychophysiological symptoms seen in patients with schizophrenia have been uncovered in recent studies in patients who are suffering from schizophrenia. This disease is very hard to understand and to treat, that is why understanding the effect of nicotine this illness is crucial. Good Memory and Cognition

The effect of smoking cigars not only encompasses persons suffering from diseases of the neurons in the brain but also the normal and healthy person. Clinical studies have shown that effect of nicotine to non-smoking persons produces significant improvements in long-term recall and attention span.


Research has shown...
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