Global Strategy for Lenovo

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Global strategy for lenovo
Ø       Abstract                                                  Ø       Introduction                                               Ø       Learning skills and globalization                             Step one: research learning.                                     Step two: microcosmic learning                                Step three: trail learning                                       Step four: deepen and development learning                    Step five: reform enterprise DNA                                Ø       International employee and Lenovo next steps development    Ø       Supply chain                                             Ø       Global marketing and double operation mode                Ø       Global strategy and differentiation strategy                    Ø       Reform Lenovo business DNA for build new company culture and global development                                        Ø       Summary                                               Ø      Reference Table of Contents                       

Now days, more and more companies are going global. In China Lenovo is a representative in that area. During I do the research about Global strategy I am very interested in the Lenovo group. It might be the earliest one gets the mind about globalization. At the beginning to run company they get them target is going global.  In my paper I find some area for them strategy try to find a way to suit for this big company.  

I will take seven parts to written this paper. There are:
Learning skills and globalization
International employee and Lenovo next steps development
Supply chain
Global marketing and double operation mode
Global strategy and differentiation strategy
Reform Lenovo business DNA
New company culture and global development
This will be a system for a company should be taking on the global way. I want to explain ways to suitable Chinese company are going to global. Lenovo is a case to learn.   
Lenovo take a goal is international is come up very early. Lenovo has been raised from the factory opened in Hong Kong to buy IBM PC department. From list to open research and development base overseas.  Lenovo is step by step towards international, to a multinational company. But deep in the blood of Lenovo company culture is a good thing or will become hinder development in the further is a point. Lenovo existing resources and the international strategy Lenovo take are good enough for the international journey.   

Through Lenovo history to find strategies Lenovo was taken   
Investigate Lenovo history is not difficult to find that Lenovo development seems get some relationship with China’s political. China’s international will be the Lenovo international. Lenovo is a national feeling of enterprises. 80’s ideas for the national association provide excellent development opportunities. Lenovo catch hold of people’s national feeling and do the right marketing as them general engineer Ni guangnan. Today, China’s international are also give Lenovo provides a strong support.  

From Lenovo development history is to view. Lenovo no mater what management mode, operating mode or technology mode have been in development. Each one changes is against every major change in the marketplace. But this time for Lenovo globalization them mark the change is not good enough.   

From the first to make the control of the plane to crash was indeed beyond imagination. Lenovo is from the confidence to headhunt from Dell. From Hong Kong to set up plants to in India and Mexico to establish research and development centers. Go to global is more real in the history of the Lenovo.  

Learning skills and globalization
There are five steps enterprise should be take during them go to globalization. They are five different level learn enterprise will be taken. First three steps are get seedtime. For Lenovo, Last two steps are more impotent. If a...
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