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In the short story “The Open Window,” a horrifying event casued Mr. Nuttel to run out of the home of the Sappletons. A series of events resulted in Mr. Nuttel thinking differently about the Sappletons. Mr. Nuttel thought the Sappleton family was crazy because of this horrifying event that occurs in the story. He then comes to realize that he thinks hes going crazy to and seeing ghost as well with Mr. Sappleton. Vera the niece told Mr. Nuttel a story that caused him to have a nervous breakdown. He ran out the Sappletons home because he thought he saw three ghost cause of the story Vera told him. However, this event was led by his arrival.

Mr. Nuttel has a medical condition that has to do with his nerves. Mr. Nuttels nerves are very easily damaged. His nerves cause him to have breakdowns when he gets scared or something. Mr. Nuttels condition in the house was bad because Vera told him a story that got him nervous. He thought he was seeing ghost but it was just the story Vera told him. Mr. Nuttels condition was very serious because he could have had a heart attack from his nerve condition or possibly even worse than that. Mr. Nuttel was very scared to be inside the house because of the story he thought that Mrs. Sappleton was going crazy and seeing ghost but really when it was a made up story Vera thought would be funny to tell to him.

When Mrs. Sappleton arrived at the house she said “I hope you don’t mind the open window,” (13) “my husband and brothers will be home directly from shooting, they always come in this way,” said Mrs. Sappleton briskly.(13) Mr. Nuttel then saw them walking up to the window so he got scared even more and ran out the house. Mrs. Sappleton was so curious by what was going through Mr. Nuttels head and what was happening she was so surprised when she saw him running out the front door of their home.

When Mr. Sappleton showed up he was wondering why someone just ran out the front door like he saw a ghost. They were all very curious...
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