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Topics: The Child, Data Protection Act 1998, Hearing impairment Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: July 12, 2015
Georgie Belcher

Q4. Describe why it is important to record information clearly, accurately, legibly and concisely meeting legal requirements

Practitioners must make sure they record information clearly, accurately and up to date. The parents should have a free access to their children files; information should not be kept for longer than necessarily and always stored in a secure place. Every setting should have policies and procedures about how to record and store information which meet Ofsted requirements and are according with the government law Data Protection Act 1998. The policies should include information about different ways when comes to record information such observations, risk assessment, incidents, medical information about the child or special diet requirements, concerns or information about the child progress, record of any meetings or conversations with the parents and other professionals. Keeping records of every work it’s an essential part of a job when working with children.

When recording information practitioner must:
Consult with the manager if he/she is unsure
check any spelling errors
when using a computer, store them in a place where nobody else have access to keep the information clear, short and as accurate as possible so the other member can carry on if the key person is absent avoid using children’s names and pictures to maintain confidentiality when writing in observation sheet the record must show that the child’s needs has been met and identified in case of any concerns about the child practitioner must contact the manager first before making any notes some information needs to be recorded in a specific format or using specific templates according to Common Assessment Framework information which are stored on the computer must have the encryption software which design to encrypt computer data in a way that it cannot be recovered without access to the key.

It is important to keep the record...
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