Generic Visual Perception Processor

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Definition of Generic Visual Perception Processor GVPP
The 'generic visual perception processor (GVPP)' has been developed after 10 long years of scientific effort . Generic Visual Perception Processor (GVPP) can automatically detect objects and track their movement in real-time . The GVPP, which crunches 20 billion instructions per second (BIPS), models the human perceptual process at the hardware level by mimicking the separate temporal and spatial functions of the eye-to-brain system. The processor sees its environsment as a stream of histograms regarding the location and velocity of objects. GVPP has been demonstrated as capable of learning-in-place to solve a variety of pattern recognition problems. It boasts automatic normalization for varying object size, orientation and lighting conditions, and can function in daylight or darkness. This electronic "eye" on a chip can now handle most tasks that a normal human eye can. That includes driving safely, selecting ripe fruits, reading and recognizing things. Sadly, though modeled on the visual perception capabilities of the human brain, the chip is not really a medical marvel, poised to cure the blind Introduction of GVPP

The GVPP tracks an "object," defined as a certain set of hue, luminance and saturation values in a specific shape, from frame to frame in a video stream by anticipating where it's leading and trailing edges make "differences" with the background. That means it can track an object through varying light sources or changes in size, as when an object gets closer to the viewer or moves farther away. The GVPP'S major performance strength over current-day vision systems is its adaptation to varying light conditions. Today's vision systems dictate uniform shadow less illumination ,and even next generation prototype systems, designed to work under “normal” lighting conditions, can be used only dawn to dusk. The GVPP on the other hand, adapt...
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