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Integrated marketing communication involves a detailed plan that uses multiple forms of media and marketing efforts to promote the message of a particular brand. The ultimate goal is to build brand awareness and loyal relationships with an organizations target market. These multiple forms include advertising, public relations, and sales promotion. In order to develop a creative strategy, marketing professionals must fully understand the functional and emotional attributes of the brand to the customer as well as the 4 P’s of the brand (Integrated Marketing Communications). Emotional Relationships

High end grocers such as Whole Foods Market (WFM) have created solid relationships with customers on an emotional level. Marketing professionals must connect with customers on an emotional level relating to purchasing and the engagement process. Building brands on an emotional level also helps to create loyalty (Are Brands Connecting Emotionally with Consumers?). The WFM leadership has built their brand by turning the act of shopping for groceries into an experience by offering quality products whether staple items or gourmet foods. Additionally, WFM also connects on an emotional level through their support of organic farming, animal welfare standards, community involvement, environmental and social responsibility efforts (About our Products). Functional Relationships

The functional relationship of the Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value private label brand includes the 2,000 different products that are offered to customers. These products sold in the Whole Foods Markets across the country include supplements and body care, frozen foods, snacks, beverages, snacks and a wide selection of pantry staples. The WFM product line is comprised of everyday food products as well as gourmet food items. The 365 Everyday Value private label must also meet high quality standards, which includes natural and organic products that are free of artificial flavoring, color, sweetener,...
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