Fuji Xerox Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Management Group Assignment.
Global Company: Fuji Xerox.
Group Members: Billie Bess Harkness (10707899), Resham Khan ( ), Jamie McDougall (10841310) and Justin Hall (10847491) Due Date: week beginning 9th May. 8
Tutorial: Wednesday 3.30pm.
Tutor: Moira Scerri.

1. Executive Summary3
2. Introduction4
3.1 Fuji Xerox Environment4
3.2 Fuji Xerox History5
3.3 Stakeholders5
3.4 Remanufacturing Process5
3.5 Products & Services6
3.6 Suppliers7
3.7 Education Sector8
3.8 Inventory and Distribution8
3.9 Potential Risks9
4. Conclusion9
5. Reference List10

1. Executive Summary:

This report provides an overview of the supply chain of the multinational company Fuji Xerox. It examines the company on three levels: their supply chain, how they’ve integrated the life cycle thinking framework into their operations and how they demonstrate dynamic capability building. It details the supply chain of Fuji Xerox in terms of their products and services, suppliers and manufacturing plants in China and distribution process (in Australia in particular). Over the past two decades Fuji Xerox has developed a re-manufacturing process which encapsulates the company’s core value of sustainability. The report focuses on the re-manufacturing process whereby end-life products are re-generated into a functional product that is often of higher quality.  

Next the life cycle thinking framework of Fuji Xerox is analysed in regards to their suppliers and the re-manufacturing process. Fuji Xerox’s ethical procurement program has been crucial to them accepting the corporate social responsibility and acting on it. They aim to influence their suppliers to take into account business, environmental and social ethics in conducting their business. The company further demonstrates its focus on sustainability by reducing wastage in its production process through re-manufacturing.

Fuji Xerox has built dynamic capability through the adoption and development of their re-manufacturing process, their focus on marketing to the education sector, new products and services, and the use of a technologically advance inventory and distribution system. The report explores each of these aspects and examines how they contribute to and demonstrate dynamic capability building. Fuji Xerox ultimately utilises dynamic capability as the business generates and exploits new products, services, processes and business practices (Agarwal 2009).

Overall Fuji Xerox has an exemplary supply chain, which creates value for its customers. They make good use of sustainability and dynamic capability to ensure the ongoing success of their business.

2. Introduction

Following an introduction to Fuji Xerox’s background and history, this report gives an overview of the Fuji Xerox cyclical supply chain. An in depth analysis of their remanufacturing concept, sustainability issues and solutions is then detailed, thus ultimately demonstrating how a competitive advantage is maintained at a global level. The nature of Fuji Xerox’s industry caused a conflict with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values – as their products created high wastage levels and harmful chemicals. This issue resulted in significant change to Fuji Xerox’s supply chain, in particular their remanufacturing processes. This supply chain alteration has contributed to the company’s success to date.

Fuji Xerox also saw opportunities to differentiate the company in an increasingly commoditised market through specialised document management services evolution of their product range. Through their supply focus, mainly directed at the education sector. Fuji Xerox have adapted and moulded their supply chain to the values of the company. Thus, the subsequent report outlines the issues the companies supply chain operation with respect to the change in their business model, the life-cycle thinking framework and dynamic capabilities that add value to...
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