Financial Decision Making

Topics: Organic food, Whole Foods Market, Management Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Nenad Biga
I) Looking at the information for the 10-k (annual) report for Whole Foods Market, we can determine that their strategy for success on the market place is providing high quality natural organic food to their customers. Being the Americas firs national “Certified Organic” grocer and also the leading retailer draws a lot of responsibility and commitment. This is done through providing diverse health natural products for the growing consumer market. As far as WFM’s primary value proposition, since being first in the business as its quality standards differentiation we can say it has elements of product leadership as a follow up. Since WFM promotes healthy life and this is achieved through intake of natural organic food they understand what the customer demands so buy focusing on food with no artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, etc. Customer intimacy is a primary value position because there are numerous food supermarkets out there but not all have the offer that the consumer wants especially in this ever growing global environment where economies of large scale are taking its toe on the food market. WTF has a good approach on the subject buy learning from its long history present on the market (31 years) and by being the leader in this branch they have diversified their offer at a competitive price. II) Going from the stockholders perspective and their expectations, they are mostly focused on how well are their stocks positioned and what is the dividend payout ratio (this goes for potential ones to). All of this can be achieved by growth (but at a steady paste) increasing companies NPV. Although one of the mayor business risks not only for WFM but for the whole global market is the resection that is still present because it affects the average consumers and limits their buying power, there are other risk factors WFM needs to consider. Identifying some of the main risk factors we can go from the fact that the stock price...
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