Fin 301 Final

Topics: Soil, Currency, Dollar Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Garrett Chasar
Fin 301
Final Research Paper
How to Increase Gross Profits
One of the most important things to do in business is to make money. The point of risking yourself financially is to make money on your investment. It is your lively hood. It is important to do all you can to make more and grow your business. Increasing your gross profits means more money in your business and ultimately your pocket. These are simple ways to increase it.

Without customers you are nothing. So it is crucial to keep them coming back. The more they buy the more you make. It is a great idea to give buyer awards. This will keep existing customers coming back to try to redeem their awards. That will help persuade them to buy more and more. At my nursery we have a program where you get one stamp for a twenty dollar purchase. When you get ten stamps you get twenty dollars off. This gives us so many repeat customers. New customers will give you a piece of the money pie you never had before. They can spend money with your company that you didn’t expect. It is easy to gauge repeat customers spending but new customers are unreadable. They could spend one dollar or thousands. Think outside the norm; advertise where you haven’t before to try to gain new customers. This will gain you followers that had maybe never heard of you before. Touch markets you maybe didn’t advertise to before. Every demographic can be reached with the right advertising technique.

Another idea is to think of ways how you can increase profits through your products. You can begin by advertising products that have higher profit margins. That way you will sell more of what makes you the most money. You can start carrying premium brands and make people pay for them. That way each purchase will make you more money. We do this at my nursery by selling organic soils. The organic soils are cheap and easy to make. People prefer them for their purities. We buy organic products that you will make three...
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