External Factors

Topics: Childhood, Youth, Young Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Task 2

An explanation of how children and young people’s development is influenced by external factors:

Poverty & deprivation: This influences children’s development as children which live in poverty tend to live in poorer housing conditions, who may also not have an appropriate diet such as, not enough vitamins or minerals etc. This may then lead to diseases and illnesses. Overall this influences the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Family environment and background: A child or young person who is not happy is also not developing in the correct way. All children and young people need to have love and affection off their families and carers to feel a sense of safety and security. Children and young people need stimulation, this will affect the healthy grow of the child if to much or to little is given! Children and young people also need opportunities to play. Children have to have a variety of play options, and young people have to have opportunities in leisure and sport. Personal choices: The personal choices that all children make can affect their development, such as choosing to smoke, drink or take drugs all affect their brain development. Being a looked after child: Meaning being in care or someone other than their parents. These children are the most vulnerable, as they lack a lot that other children in stable homes have such as: warmth, love and consistence. These children may also not form secure attachments to their carers as they may have with their parents. This will have a major affect on their social and emotional development. These children will always lack trust in people as a fear of them leaving! Being in care means that most of these children have been abused or neglected, which then leads to them not getting on so well at school. Education: A good education is really important to a child’s development, this could be at school or at home with parents or carers. Some children and young people do not benefit...
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