Explain the responsibilities of the Assessor

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3. Explain the responsibilities of the assessor.

An assessor has many responsibilities not only towards the learner. An assessors’ first and foremost responsibility is to build a solid foundation for a good working relationship with the learner and make them feel comfortable.

The role of the assessor is to assess the learner’s knowledge and performance in a range of tasks.  This includes ensuring the learner has demonstrated competence and knowledge in the assessment to the standard of criteria. 

An assessor would also:
Discuss and agree the appeals procedure with the learner;
Identify and discuss with the learner any recognised prior learning; Identify any particular assessment needs and ensure these are annotated on an assessment plan; Discuss and ensure confidentiality, equality and diversity and health and safety; Carry out assessments in accordance with the awarding organisation’s requirements in a fair and objective manner; Work with other assessors and ensure the standardisation of their practice; Countersign other assessor’ decisions when qualified to do so; Plan assessment schedules in cooperation with the learner;

Provide initial, formative and summative assessment;
Produce and maintain records to provide an auditable trail; Review learner progress which will include different methods of feedback; Attend standardisation meetings;
Check the validity and authenticity of evidence and witness testimonies; Work towards continual professional development;
Support learners with special assessment needs and deal with these in a professional manner; Provide a positive and enthusiastic experience in order for the learner to achieve their aim; The evidence provided must be assessed against the National Standards and a decision made.  The Assessor must also make an assessment against the principles: Valid, Authentic, Current and...
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