Everyman & Seventh Seal Comparison

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Chess Pages: 4 (707 words) Published: April 17, 2013

November 6th 2012

Comparison Between Dramatic Works Everyman and Seventh Seal

The fifteenth century play Everyman explores the journey of a man, who represents the

individuals of mankind, who is confronted by the inevitability of his own death. Very similarly, Antonius

Block is portrayed during the fourteenth century bubonic plague, and is confronted by death on

reoccurring occasions. During the events of the two dramatic pieces, the two protagonists visit many

similar and different circumstances while figuring out solutions to their crisis. It is clear that historically,

it has had an impact on the outcomes of the play.

First of all, it is intended to be clear that morality is inducted as a major aspect of the plays. In

Everyman, an ordinary man is made to face his duty in life. His confrontation comes from a dialogue

with Death to distinguish if he is ready to die. Of course, “thou comest when I had thee least in mind,”

and he is not ready. Everyman seeks camaraderie on a dangerous journey, but is abandoned by

allegorical figures like Goods, Knowledge, Kindred etc. He soon finds out the only thing that remains are

Good Deeds, and that is the only important thing to be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. In

Bergman’s Seventh Seal, Antonius Block is visited by Death in a form of a chess game, which was

inspired by the painting,Taby Kyrka. Both plays foreshadow their inevitable death as it is being delayed

by the protagonists to provide one last good measure. For instance, Everyman understands he is going

to die, he just wanted to provide one last deed to cleanse his soul, and Antonius understands it as well,

but he is just delaying it. In the end both provide their promise as Everyman is ready to die, and

Antonius knocks over the pieces so Jof and Mia could escape death, as he accepts his own.

Secondly, the historical context has had a major role on the development on...
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