European History Essay

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Medieval demography Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: January 9, 2014
The late middle ages was the period of European history from 1300 to 1450, where prosperity and growth came to an end and the famines and plagues began. The Hundred Years’ War drained both England and France of resources while the Black Death caused the population of Europe to decrease drastically. Unfortunately, the Fourteenth Century saw several setbacks to the progress of the High Middle Ages. With the Hundred Years War and the Black Death came many changes for Europe, including inflation, advances in the arts and altered religious beliefs as well as feudalism and new leaders. To begin, literature, arts and religion transformed European society in the late Middle Ages. For example, the development of secular literature accelerated during this time, which includes worldly writings rather than spiritual. Moreover, a style known as naturalism emerged in sculpting and painting. Naturalism is the idea that only natural laws and forces operate in the world; it began in Northern Italy and spread to Northern Europe in the work of painters such as Jan van Eck and Hans Memling. Also related, a writer named Giovanni Boccaccio used naturalism in his work and is well-known for his book , Decameron, which was written around 1350. Europe was also affected by religion in the late middle ages; many people thought the plague was a punishment from God for their sins and began trying to live better lives by donating to the churches. In Muslim areas, religious leaders encouraged giving to the poor, reconciling with enemies, and freeing slaves. The late Middle Ages were undoubtedly a period of greater cultural achievement. Furthermore, Europe experienced inflation during the late Middle Ages as a response to the Black Death. The high mortality rate caused a fall in production and shortages of goods, which initiated a rise in prices. The workers demanded higher wages as the prices of goods increased in Europe. In response, the English Parliament tried to hold the wages of English...
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