Ethics and Social Responsibility

Topics: Ethics, Social responsibility, Organic food Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: November 11, 2013
In Company Q's attempt to make logical day-to-day business decisions, they have created tension in the communities that they thrive in. With the intention of protecting the company and its assets, they have unintentionally created a imbalance of social responsibility within the company and community. Closing stores in major metropolitan area is a formula for disaster. These stores could have been where most foot traffic potential is located. That can lead to hight revenues. Company Q has shown that they cannot trust employees even if it is for the greater good. The offering of a small healthy and organic product selection may be an indication that Company Q does have an ear open to the community. In an attempt to save the image and continue Company Q's profitability, a few steps must be taken to sustain this margin. Community leaders should be involved in brainstorming the things Company Q can do. A competitive analysis of Company Q's competition should be factored in. Thirdly, Programs to increase customer loyalty can be implemented.

Social responsibility is definitely a priority in a situation such as this. The community and its leaders may have reasonable input on donating some of the day old products. Wasteful practices create an image that a company has no ethical standards. In addition, it motivates the perception to the public that social responsibility is not a priority. Tax incentives can be considered and lobbied for Company Q's endearment to feed the needy. Giving back to the community in ways such as donations has a heightened positive effect on the negative ethical circumstances experienced previously. Products that are going to be destroyed should be put to use. Idea behind fraud of lost revenues does not outweigh the risk of a damaged reputation. Company Q can easily assign 1 to 2 employees to monitor the donation process of day old products such as, a manager. Lastly, Company Q can publicly address issues via advertisement.

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