EST1 Task1

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EST 1 Task 1
According to the current situation Company Q has a damaged attitude toward social responsibility within their company, all because of low profits being made. Due to high crime rates in certain areas the company has been closing off stores, not realizing the problem they have caused. The people that live in the prospected area where the stores where closed are now forced to travel further for groceries. This causes a problem especially for the poor, who do not have the extra money for extra expenses. I recommend the company take precautionary measures to help catch and promote others not to steal. They could do this by offering a reward, or installing cameras. This would help promote social responsibility within the company. Another very serious problem is the companies unwillingness to donate food for those in need. Especially since the company isn’t losing much or nothing at all by donating. The sudden unwillingness to donate is due to the distrust of the owners with the employees. They believe the employees will start to steal while saying they are donating it to the poor. This is yet another sign of a weak social responsibility within the company. These particular problems and fears are direct situations which concretely damages the social responsibility within the company, as well as the community. My personal recommendation is to draw out concrete guidelines and procedures that the employees have to follow before donating food. This would allow a company to gain trust within the employees as well as being benevolent towards the poor. Especially if cameras are involved employees tend to be more honest. They can also use an employee hiring technique that is based on a persons honesty and dignity. The last problem that the company has is its unwillingness to offer more health conscience food. If the above recommendations are taken into account,...
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