Topics: Social responsibility, Sociological terms, Organic food Pages: 3 (578 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Jennifer Oliver

Part A
Company Q is not currently behaving in a positive manner when it comes to social responsibility; in fact, they seem to take an “I don’t care” attitude. They have closed several stores in big metropolitan cities citing that the stores are located in high crime areas and the stores were not turning a profit, this is very irresponsible behavior as it takes jobs away from the community, and these areas, unfortunately are the ones that need it the most. For years customers had been inquiring about the company selling healthier, organic products in which Company Q eventually complied, however, the small limited selection and high mark ups kept the customers from buying ,in turn causing the company to not turn as much profit. Finally, instead of deciding to donate day old food to local food banks, Company Q made the poor decision of wasting it by throwing it out. Company Q has an almost nonexistent attitude towards social responsibility and needs to incorporate several changes in order to turn their position around in the community. Part B

Company Q can implement several changes into their stores that may improve their attitudes towards social responsibility. 1. Company Q closed several stores citing the fact that they were in high crime areas, there is a possibility these stores could have been saved if the company had made proper evaluations to find out why these stores weren’t performing well. For example, if the stores were under performing due to theft, then maybe hiring a security guard would have improved that by preventing the theft in the first place. They could have also done comparisons and made sure that the pricing was competitive but not overly priced, different ideas such as those mentioned above would have been more responsible and possibly made a difference in staying open or closing their doors. 2. For several years customers had been asking Company Q to please start selling organic foods and...
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