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Topics: Supply chain, Logistics, Supply chain management Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 14, 2013
International Business College Mitrovica
General Spur
1rd semester

Compulsory Assignment in COM3

Submission deadline: 15.02, 2013 by 16:00 hours

Please read the following case and do additional research as required to answer the questions bellow. Make sure to use theories from the course and give adequate examples where appropriate. Make sure your answers are elaborated accordingly and do not give short answers. Explain exactly what the case is asking you, and make sure that there is NO Plagiarism. (minimum 4 pages). Intake 09/2012- EAM > North/South>COM3>CA

You should cite all of your sources and using reputable sources (Wikipedia is not an academic source to be used.) Case ECCO
The ECCO Organization (source: The ECCO organization is composed of nine business units consisting of the three sales regions-ECCO Europe, ECCO Asia Pacific and ECCO Americas-together with ECCO’s five shoe factories and the ECCO Leather group. In addition to the nine business units, ECCO’s head office in Denmark has an important development and support function in the areas of branding, sales, design, products and concepts, together with the corporate functions of IT, Finance, HR, Logistics, Corporate Conduct, Communication and Legal Affairs. From Cow to Shoe to Customer

For the past 25 years ECCO has been moving in a completely opposite direction than the rest of the industry. ECCO is the world’s only shoe brand that owns and controls the entire value chain. The market and consumer insight combined with effective supply chain set up ensure long term profitability. Jens Chr. Meier, ECCO’s production manager, says:

“The logistics and management part of ECCO’s supply chain in by no means trivial. At the end of the chain, closest to consumer, we have around 6,000 outlets distributed across three parts of the world: Europe, Asia and America. A large part of these are ECCO shops...
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