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Topics: Black Death, Mongol Empire, Central Asia Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Nomads were wanderers that had no technical home. Four groups of nomads were the Turks, Afghan and Seljuk, the Vikings, the Mongols, and the Huns. When the Mongols went to Europe, they brought the Bubonic Plague; they caused the reunification of the Russians, and helped start Pax Mongolica. They allowed the conquered to keep their ways of life and religions as long as they obeyed the foreign rulers. The decentralization of Japan and Western Europe was helpful and a hindrance by being more organized, using feudalism and causing more chaos.

Once the nomads arrived in Europe, they made several changes – some purposefully, some accidentally. They had to travel seven thousand kilometers over mountainous terrain and deserts. During the trek, they were spreading fleas infected with the bubonic plague. These insects caused the deaths of thousands in Europe. This plague caused so much devastation; it was called “The Black Death”. A positive change from the Mongols arrival was the beginning of the Pax Mongolica. It was one hundred years of peace among the people under Mongol rule. This peaceful time allowed the Silk Road to re-open, continuing trade between Asia and the Middle East. Also, when the Mongols overthrew the Russians, they united to fight back to regain the throne. This unification restored ties between the clans, giving them the chance to coexist in peace. The decentralization in Japan and Western Europe was a form of Feudalism. Both places were constantly under attack and the people went to vassal lords or Daimyos for safety and protection. The upper lords offered to protect them in exchange for their land. In return, the people that felt threatened would work on the land that they provided to the lords. These people became farmers. Both of these regions used feudalism for protection, but protection from different things. Japan needed protection from itself, because the clans within were breaking out because the government was weak. Europe needed...
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