Err Nvq Level 3 in Childcare and Education

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Task A
Ai) To update my staff handbook, so that it reflects the current employment law, I can utilise the following sources to enable me to do this:
The Employer's Handbook 2012-13: An Essential Guide to Employment Law, Personnel Employment rights act 1996

Aii) a) These are just a few, of many, aspects of employment covered by law: Holiday entitlement.
Statutory maternity pay (SMP)
Statutory sick pay (SSP).

b) There are three main features of current employment legislation: Employment Rights Act 1996 - It deals with rights can get when at work including unfair dismissal, reasonable dismissal notice, redundancy and more. Equalities and Discrimination Law 2010 - The purpose of this act is codify the complicated and numerous acts and regulations such as equal pay for men, women, people with disabilities and more, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 - The Act lays down general principles for the management of health and safety at work, enabling employers and employees to meet specific requirement through regulations.

AiiI) The list of reasons of why employment law exists is extensive, but not exhaustive. To give it a brief definition, it is to “prevent exploitation of employees by the employer”. It minimises unfairness throughout the work place for all parties involved and covers a plethora of areas, ranging from providing employees with minimum wage guidelines to not discriminating against personnel for their ethnicity or any other reason.

Bi) The company will hold personal data from the employee such as details of a criminal record and medical data. The company will ensure that this data will be held securely in personnel files and will not disclose this information to others outside of the operations, except in a medical emergency.

The company may need some information such as age, sex, race, religion, and any disability for equal opportunities monitoring purposes. By signing this contract the staff member is agreeing to let the company have this information.

Employees should always have an in date Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Check. I will be employed as a Nursery Assistant and will be reporting to the Nursery Manager if needed. I will be expected to perform and undertake any directions given. I may have to change my roles from time to time to carry out other duties to meet business needs.

I will work 30 hours per week, covering the hours of 07:15 to 18:.45, Monday to Friday on alternative shift patterns.

I am expected to be loyal to the company, I must disclose any other employment to the line manager in writing to ask permission if I can continue other employment. I may not receive any personal profit from the company, nor receive any gifts or profits from any person or supplier dealing with the company save for gifts from parents with the value up to £25.00 or using nurseries for childcare of your own children.

You must not disclose any confidential information relating to the companies business to a fellow employee.

I must take my holiday on the dates agreed by myself and the manager from January 1st to 31st December. Two weeks must be given prior to the holiday.

I am entitled to take 21 paid working days holiday in addition to the English public holidays. I must retain a maximum of 5 days annual leave to cover the Christmas/New Year closedown.

If absent from work due to sickness or injury, I must inform the line manager by no later than 7:55am on the first working day of absence. If sickness lasts more than 7 consecutive days I should obtain a self-certification absence form and provide it to your line manager on the day I return to work.

I am entitled to sickness pay after the forth consecutive day of absence for the days I work. The company have to make sure the work place is suitable under the Health and Safety regulations....
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