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SECTION C – Analysis of language use (Using language to persuade)

Instructions for Section C

Section C requires students to analyse the ways in which language and visual features are used to present a point of view. Section C is worth one-third of the total assessment for the examination. Read all parts of the article and then complete the task below. Write your analysis as a coherently structured piece of prose. Your response will be assessed according to the criteria set out on page 14 of this book.

How is written and visual language used to attempt to persuade the audience to share the points of view in the online blog on pages 12 and 13?

NOTE to my students

The articles for analysis in this document are especially selected for you, my students. They are meant for our class discussions and for practice. These should serve as good models for you to understand and develop your own skills for Section C of the English paper, VCE. The analyses (two complete analysis and two in parts) are also meant for our class discussions and exclusively for your use. Kindly do not distribute them without my permission.

Kind regards
Raj Arumugam
February 2014

4 ARTICLES - for Language Analysis

Tattoo Dreams
(from Radiant Heart Publishing, 2012)

The Organic Fable
(from The International Herald Tribune, 2012)

Long Live Paper (from The International Herald Tribune, 2012)

Language Analysis - “Workers of the world unite! By Janes Adonis – Analysis written by Raj Arumugam, 2 July 2013

Tattoo Dreams
Key advice:
1. Start by addressing the “W” questions: Who is writing/drawing? What is the contention (a strong verb and appropriate adverb will help here a lot)? Where is it published or delivered? Who is the intended readership? Why was the article published in the first instance? Keep all this as short as possible. Don’t waste any words. Fit all this into one paragraph. 2. Identify a precise way in which the writer or cartoonist endeavours to persuade. You may need to quote briefly to do this. 3. Then explain precisely how the identified way endeavours to persuade. 4. Cluster these ideas (2 and 3) into paragraphs of similar ideas. 5. These paragraphs of ideas represent the “waves” which power along the argument. 6. Wrap up in your final paragraph by addressing the following questions: Given the readership or audience and its precise needs and expectations, how effective is the piece likely to be? How is this kind of issue likely to be presented in future? Keep this as brief as possible. Don’t waste any words.

Analysis of language use (Using language to persuade)
How is written and visual language used to attempt to persuade the audience to share the points of view in the online blog “The Organic Fable”? _________________________________________________________________ The Organic Fable

Cristóbal Schmal By ROGER COHEN
Published: September 6, 2012  The International Herald Tribune

LONDON — At some point — perhaps it was gazing at a Le Pain Quotidien menu offering an “organic baker’s basket served with organic butter, organic jam and organic spread” as well as seasonally organic orange juice — I found I just could not stomach the “O” word or what it stood for any longer.

Organic has long since become an ideology, the romantic back-to-nature obsession of an upper middle class able to afford it and oblivious, in their affluent narcissism, to the challenge of feeding a planet whose population will surge to 9 billion before the middle of the century and whose poor will get a lot more nutrients from the two regular carrots they can buy for the price of one organic carrot. An effective form of premium branding rather than a science, a slogan rather than better nutrition, “organic” has oozed over the menus, markets and malls of...
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