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Engelsk aflevering
Once upon a shop

Now a day, it can be difficult for new entrepreneurs to start a new sustainable firm, in a dynamic business world. This is because of the huge competition that comes from the big firms. The big capitalistic firms can mass-produce their products and sell them for a low price, which many people finds logical appealing. The more humanistic firms then find it very difficult to compete with the capitalistic, because they cannot sell their products as cheap if they want profit. The only way that the humanistic firms can compete with the capitalistic, is through promoting themselves and their product as an ethically right choice in context to animal treatment, human rights and organically farming. These humanistic values are some, the most of us finds appealing, but not the most of us are willing to pay the extra amount of money to support the businesses who stands for these values. USA have for the last 50 years influenced the whole world with their “success persuading mentality”, which also fosters the idea of the “Economic man”. The “Economic man” is a social scientific term, for how the stereotypical liberalistic man, prefers to administrate his private and business economy, which are by selling for the highest price and buying for the lowest. This factor has an impact, on how we decide to do grocery shopping Jeanette Winterson argues the issue of small contra big businesses, in her essay “once upon a shop”, 2010. She owns a small vegetable shop in Spitalfield with her friend Harvey Cabaniss. Jeanette Winterson is a believer of living and eating organically. Throughout the article, she tries to convince the reader about organic food, is the ethically right choice in context to corporate stores and fabricated foods. Her main claim, in order to persuade the reader is: The big, capitalistic manufactories only cares about earning money, and not improving the quality of the product. Another argument is that the government only...
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