Employment Responsibilities and Rights In Health and Social care 2013

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Employment, Occupational safety and health Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: November 7, 2013
 Employment Responsibilities and Rights.

Task A.

A1) Health and Safety Executive, The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service and Gov.uk.

A2) Health and safety, hours worked and minimum wage.

B) Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Equality Act 2010 and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

A3) So that employers and employees are protected and not taken advantage and also for health and safety to themselves and others around them.

Task B.

B1) I am employed as a Care Assistant and my duties and responsibilities may vary. My start of employment was the 29th of january 2012 my employment is not fixed term, my contract of employment is terminable by written notice of 2 weeks by the company and to the company. I am contracted to work 40hrs a week any more then that will be classed as overtime. I am paid by salary and payments will be made straight to my chosen bank account. I am entitled to 28 days of holiday the company’s holiday year start from the the 1st of january till the 31st of december and I’m required to take 50% of my entitlement by the end of june. If I’m off work because of sickness or injury I will only be paid statutory sick pay, reporting sickness absence I must inform a manager at the earliest opportunity.The company has a no smoking policy. Compassionate leave and family emergencies it will be considered but there is no contractual entitlement. Health and safety at work I must take reasonable care to avoid injury to my self and others and cooperate with the health and safety at work legislation. the company will hold data about me for administering my employment and will not be shared with anyone else unless asked by law.

B2) The information that needs to be on my payslip is gross pay, variable deductions such as tax and National insurance, the amount of any fixed deductions such as union’s also the total amount you go home with after all deductions and also the amount and method for any part payment....
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