Emergence of the Field of Psychology

Topics: Brain, Psychology, Cerebrum Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: November 12, 2012
5. How did the field of psychology emerge?
The field of psychology emerged 130 years ago, when researchers began to directly study and observe psychological effects. The first psychological laboratory was established in Germany 1879 by Wilhelem Wundt. 6. What a contemporary perspectives in psychology?

Three complementary streams of psychology are the:
a) Biological perspective(including biopsychology and evolutionary psychology) b) Psychological perspective (including behaviorism, cognitive psychology, the psychodynamic approach, and humanism) c) Sociocultral perspective.

7. What are the major specialties in psychology?
Including: biopsychology, clinical, cultural, cognitive, community, comparative, consumer, counseling, developmental, educational, engineering, environmental , evolutionary, forensic, gender, health, industrial-organizational, learning, medical, personality, school, sensation and perception and social psychology. 8. How the experiment performed?

Experiments involved two or more groups of subjects, which differ only with regard to the independent variable. Since the independent variable the only difference between, the experimental group and the control group, it is the only possible cause of a change in dependant variable. 9. What is double blind experiment?

Research participant bias is a problem in some studies: the placebo effect is a search of research participant bias, in experiment involving drugs. 9. What a non-experimental research do psychologists use? Psychologists are also relying on naturalistic observation, correlational method, case studies, and survey method.

1. How the neurons operate and communicate?
Neurons carry the input from the senses to the brain, where the inputs are processed. Neurons also carry output from the brain in order to activate muscles and glands, yet is single neuron not to smart it takes many to make you blink, your brain power arises...
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