Effects of Selected Drugs

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Keri Sage
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Effects of Selected Drugs
Anesthesia uses a great amount of drugs to suppress pain that would occur in the body. Alcohol, Aspirin, Lidocaine, Morphine, Ketamine, and Succinylcholine are drugs used during anesthesia. These drugs are used to interrupt pain signals during surgical procedures. ~ For decades people have been using the effects of alcohol to suppress their pain. In the early 1900's a physician suggested to use intoxicating amounts of alcohol before medical procedures. Alcohol has the ability to depress the central nervous system, it slows down the brain, and delivers a certain amount of pain relief.

~Aspirin is used to treat pain due to inflammation. It also used to treat several conditions such as fever, pain, and inflammation caused by diseases. Aspirin works by blocking production of pain enhancing neurotransmitters. ~Lidocaine is a common drug used for local anesthetic such as dental procedures and minor surgeries. Lidocaine is also used to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin irritation and inflammation. It works by blocking the pain signals sent by the nerve endings on the skin, changes signal conduction in neurons by blocking sodium channels.

~Morphine is a very potent drug that is used to relieve severe pain. It can relieve pain by silencing nerves in the spine that produce pain signals, morphine also has complex effects in the brain. Morphine can also be very addiction.

~Ketamine is an injection that is administered by a general anesthetics. It is used to maintain the airway and control respiration. Ketamine affects the nervous system by interfering with the normal functioning of molecules. NMPAR N-methyl - D- aspartate are receptors for the neurotransmitters glutamate which is important to the transmission of nerve impulses and to a person's ability to perceive sensory data such as pain signals.

~Succinylcholine is used for relaxing muscles during surgery or when a tube is inserted in the windpipe....
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