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Topics: Stereotype, Love, Political correctness Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: November 9, 2013
Common Stereotypes: Men vs. Women
In today’s culture, there are stereotypes for nearly any groups that individuals belong to. At some stage in any person’s life, they would have encountered stereotyping. For example, it is frequently said that all men are strong and do all the work, guys are messy an unclean, girls are not good at sports and the list keeps going. These are common stereotypes that can lead people to live lives driven by hate and fear. So, what does a common stereotype consist of? How do they form? The purpose of this essay is to give you a clarification on what men vs. women stereotyping is.

Nowadays in our culture, the men are seen as secure, tough, self-reliant, and the leader, while women are seen as warm, emotional, polite, and the follower. These stereotypes can create problems in many different ways with married couples. Married couples could seem to get along in a grocery store, but behind closed doors, it could be another story. At the end of the day being married is a tough job but, keeping your family together is important. With that being said no men or women stereotype should ruin a good relationship between two individuals in love.

Every now and then I experience typical stereotyping in the mall, supermarket, and even in the barbershop. To me it’s just another ignorant human being hating on someone else’s lifestyle. In the mall you might find a group of males, dressed in all black in Hot Topic. Off gate people might say “Oh there goes Criss Angels crew”, that’s stereotyping at the worst and it hurts people’s feelings. Even if the stereotype is correct in some cases, putting an individual down based on your personal belief shows weakness. To wrap things up, men vs. women stereotyping is not only hurtful to people but also wrong. You should realize now, how important it is to communicate to people every day about stereotypes.
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