Topics: Organic food, Organic farming, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 20 (4172 words) Published: April 19, 2014
HKU SPACE Community College
Associate Degree Programme
First Semester, 2013-14

English for Academic and Professional Purposes (part II)

Assignment 2: Research Report

“The Attitudes towards Green Organic Foods and Efficient Electrical Appliances among Teenagers.”

To: Noble Lo

From: Chan Hoi Pan, Antony
Chan Ka Yui, Rinder
Chan Xiang Ki, Steve
Ng Ka Ying, Sally
Ng Wai Ka, Omega

Class: CC-88-363-01(02)

Submission Date: 20 November 2013



Table of Contents 1-2
List of Figures 2

1.1 Abstract 3
1.2 Thesis Statement 3
1.3 Methodology 4-5

2.1 Organic foods 5-10

2.1.1 Introduction 5
2.1.2 Advantages of Organic Foods 6
2.1.3 Certification and Labelling of Organic Foods 6-7
2.1.4 Identification of Green Food Products 7
2.1.5 Confidence towards Green Food Products 7-8
2.1.6 Green Restaurant 8-9
2.1.7 Summary on Attitudes towards Organic Foods 10

2.2 High-efficiency Electrical Appliances 11-15

2.2.1 Introduction 11
2.2.2 Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (EELS) 11
2.2.3 Advantages of Green Electrical Appliances 12-14
2.2.4 Summary on Attitudes towards Green Electrical Appliances 14-15


4.1 For Organic Foods 16-17
4.2 For Electrical Appliances 17

5. WORKS CITED 18-20

6. APPENDIX21-25
Appendix 1 Questionnaire Sample21-25

List of Figures

Figure 2.1.1 Gender of respondents 5
Figure 2.1.2 Age group of respondents 5
Figure 2.1.3 Advantages of organic food respondents think of 7 Figure 2.1.4 Respondents’ confidence towards certification labels 8 Figure 2.1.5 Respondents’ confidence towards green food products 9 Figure 2.1.6 Respondents heard of green restaurant 10-13 Figure 2.2.1 The advantages of choosing high efficient appliances 14 Figure 2.2.2 Annual Home Energy Bill 15

Figure 2.2.3 Respondents’ energy-saving awareness 16
Figure 2.2.4 The attitude of energy label product purchasing 17

1.1 Abstract

This report explores the universality of green organic foods and electrical appliances among Hong Kong teenagers as well as their corresponding attitudes. 50 copies of questionnaires consisting of two separate parts related to organic foods and electrical appliances respectively are distributed. The research will assemble information from (1)the questionnaires, (2)relevant printed and online books together with (3)other possible electronic resources.

The first part reflects basic knowledge of teenagers towards organic foods. They are able to recognize some advantages and identify certified products. But there is still awareness inadequacy of environmental friendliness. Only females tend to buy organic foods for pursuing body-fitting, and there is few intention for males to purchase this kind of food.

The second part reveals teenagers' satisfied understanding on high-efficient electrical appliances. The second part reveals teenagers' unsatisfied understanding on high-efficient electrical appliances. They know about the energy labels. But they are not fully knowledgeable and intend to buy these kinds of products when doing purchasing decision.

This report seeks to derive recommendations for the government in order to further raise consumers' awareness towards green food and appliances.

1.2 Thesis Statement

Being acknowledged by more and more global citizens, green issues have been considered as a common interest and permeate our life gradually. The green economy has changed from conventionally a niche market to a universal one (Kane). That is to say, we can be easily involved as a part of the green world....

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