Dystopian Essay

Topics: Black Death, Human, The Plague Pages: 4 (1563 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Tony Vu
Pre-AP World Literature
23 September 2013
A World Without Death
It was an organized line with people dressed in various clothing. Some were wearing clean t-shirts with ironed out jeans and others wearing ragged pants and a dirty t-shirt. All of the people in the line had a small number tattooed on their wrist followed by some letters like they were cars with a license plate (OFL). As Jason looked at his watch he complained, “What’s taking this line so long? I have places to be people!” No one acknowledged him. Not everyone had a place to be. A few minutes later, Jason eventually got his lunch. He decided to eat and walk at the same time./ Even though Jason got his lunch, he was still irritated. He murmured, “Way too many people in this world.” As Jason was walking to work he bumped into a homeless man, better known as one of The Plague. The Plague were a group of people who Jason thought sullied the name of America (VSB). Because they are homeless and unnumbered, they are thought of as America’s mistakes. The man asked for some change, and Jason scoffed and proceeded to fling in a penny. After the deed, Jason saw that the stoplight above had just turned red. He thought he had waited enough for today and, he decided to take the road less traveled which led him to a dark alley full of The Plague. After the sight of that, he felt sick. Jason looked at his Rolex. He sprinted through the alley after realizing he would be late if he did not hurry up. He felt like the lunch he just ate was about to flow back up like he was a clogged toilet. He hurried to work as his brain would not erase that image from his head. Wheezy and disgusted, Jason entered the news report station hoping to continue the rest of the day without any troubles (VSB). Hurrying to the elevator to get back to his office, Jason ran into his co-worker Billy. Looking concerned, Billy asked, “Uh, Mr. Phillips, are you okay? You look like you belong in the morgue.” Jason, with a...
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