Draft Answer 3rai Part A

Topics: Employment, Privacy law, Data privacy Pages: 2 (965 words) Published: November 23, 2014
The new HR Director (HRD) requested to review the organisations approach to collecting, storing and using HR data. Specifically, the HRD request the report to cover the reasons why the company needs to collect HR data; types of data that is collected and how this supports HR practices; methods and benefits of storing data and provide at least two (2) essential legislation relating to storage and accessibility of HR data. Two reasons why our company needs to collect HR data. It is essential for organisations to keep up to date and accurate records to ensure efficient forward planning, remain competitive and provide a good service to their employees and customers. There are number of reasons why an organisation needs to collect HR data, these could be to: Satisfy legal requirements. Government departments’ including HMRC can demand information from the business on how many people are employed, what they are paid, what they have been paid over a number of years, and how many hours they have worked. The working time regulations and national minimum wage act each require specific records relating to hours of work and pay details. Keep employee contact details. Employment protection rights demand that we keep records to protect ourselves, as employers, from claims that we have discriminated against or unfairly dismissed employees. Two types of data collected by an organisation and how each support HR practices. There are various data collected by the HR Department and each has its own significance. Two of them include: Absence/Leave Recording. This will provide the organisation an employee’s absenteeism or leave details and any patterns which can be used for appraisal or performance management. Payroll data. This provides the company the employees’ rooster of pay out per day, per month and all other remuneration given to each employee group or band. Two methods of storing data and benefits. There are many ways of storing data and enormous number of benefits to it....
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