Dot 3 Brake Fluid

Topics: Nervous system, Sodium hydroxide, Hydraulic brake Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Larry Barela
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Dot 3 brake fluid

Dot 3 brake fluid is an oily fluid used in hydraulic brakes to transmit pressure from the brake pedals to the brakes. Brake fluid is very hazardous and should be handled and stored properly. The chemical name is glycol ether blend. Brake fluid has a mild odor and is not flammable. It can cause severe irritation to the eyes and skin. If consumed in the eye brake fluid can cause damage to the cornea. This fluid contains 2% ethylene glycol which can be toxic if ingested. Ingestion will affect the central nervous system, lungs, and kidneys. Inhalation may cause respiratory irritation. If fluid comes in contact with eyes then flush with water for 15 minutes. If contact with skin wash with soap and water thoroughly. If inhaled remove to fresh air if breathing is affected seek medical attention. In case of spill absorb well with suitable sorbent. Store brake fluid in a cool ventilated area. PPE includes gloves and proper safety goggles. Brake fluid is incompatible with sodium hydroxide at high temperatures. Reclaim and dispose of fluid in accordance with local and state regulations. All shops that store and require employees to handle dot 3 brake fluid must be in compliance with OSHA regulations. Anybody handling this fluid must wear proper PPE. Proper PPE can be obtained from your employer at no cost. Also employers must have MSDS information available for employees and must be willing to answer all questions.
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