Do Video Games Significantly Enhance Literacy

Topics: Video game, Brain, Human brain Pages: 4 (967 words) Published: May 7, 2015
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Ryan Weckerly
Mr. Dan
English 101-251
28 April 2015
The Future of Video Games
There are often times debate about criticism of children who spend too much time inside the home playing video games and being consumed by stimulation, but what society fails to realize is that there are actually many beneficial factors to video gaming. “Pro of Reality” by James Paul Gee is the strongest factor to prove that video games help to develop literacy skills in children. Gee makes very valid points throughout his paper and gives numerous examples. He supports his opinions and thoughts which favor the argumentative side supporting gaming to enhance literacy skills. There are actually many benefits to playing video games that many overlook in the media. Video games are often times used in educational settings and aid in literacy. They can help in literacy skills because they hold features that exercise the brain improving pattern recognition/memory, enhance and enlarge the brain, and improve and promote creativity.

Today's technology is so sophisticated that most people use it to their advantage, including video games. When looking at a deeper perspective, there are more positive effects found in, “Pro of Reality”, by James Paul Gee where he often mentions, “Different types of video games can have different kinds of effects”. He starts by expressing how games like Tetris, Bejeweled and Trivial Pursuit are fun, but also help exercise the brain by visualizing the patterns repeatedly. These particular patterns help develop the memory of the brain (Gee1). In the article, “How Do Video Games Affect the Developing Brains of Children and Teens”, by Amy Paturel, she states, “practicing anything repetitively physically changes the brain. With time and effort, you get better at the specific tasks your practicing.. Those repetitive actions and thoughts stimulate connections between brain cells creating Weckerly 2

neural pathways between parts of your brain. The...
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