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Unit 2C - Security


Security is about keep data safe from users who should not have access to that information (unauthorized users). This data can be read, used or corrupted, so the idea of data security was born. Data security helps people keep their files confidential and keep it protected. Data security’s purpose is to keep data from being used by unauthorized users. A form of data security is encryption, encryption works but scrambling letters and numbers into an unreadable code. Only the authorized users will have the key to unscramble the code and get the correct data. Data protection and security allows users to identify and view the issues and risk that are known when retrieving the data which can be deleted or lost through not only hackers and viruses and natural disasters.

Data security is needed in order to stay safe. In the ever changing world of global data communications, reasonably priced Internet connections, and fast-paced software development, security is becoming more and more of an issue. Security is now a basic requirement because global computing is insecure. As your data goes from one place to another on the internet, for example it may pass through numerous other places along the way, giving other users the opportunity to capture and even modify the data. What information is held about me by my website?

E-commerce websites have no way of communicating face to face with their customers. So due to this companies have to use different techniques to again information about the customers. The details the company wants could be the type of product customers buy, or what they like browse. This information can be then analysed and used in market research, keeping the right amount of stock about a product. There are plenty of methods used to gather information about a customer.

E-commerce websites have an advantage of retailers. This is because they can collect more easily accessible data about their customers. While retailers can have schemes such as loyalty cards such as Superdrug Beauty card, which offer rewards when customers use the loyalty cards. The loyalty card shows the details of customer which were given when signing up for the card so the products bought are linked to the customer. While internet based companies like live out free credit and discounts when you return and login to your customer account. The amount of data collecting doing this is less than what will be learned from loyalty cards. Pc specialists have no retail sites so they can only use the one method to collect data.

E-commerce sometimes use online survey to again information about customers. The customer enters details about them themselves and opinions of objects such as customer service and design of the website. After completing this the customer will be entered into a prize draw. So the company gains customer information and the customers are put into a prize draw. Pc specialists have used this method for customers who have recently brought a product. If you write a review about the product you brought you will receive a free memory stick and put into a prize draw for server based product. Other methods are the use of cookies. Cookies are packets of data which the website places onto the customer’s device. The cookies are used to track the customer’s actions, such as what are they browsing, if the customer...
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