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Desmond Morris Introduction:
Desmond Morris is most famous for his work as a zoologist and ethnologist (study about human behavior), was born on 24 January 1928. He has written a number of books and produced a number of television shows. He first came into attention in 1960’s as a presenter of ITV television’s Zoo Time. His studies mainly focus on animal and human behavior, explained from a zoological point of view. His famous works include The Naked Ape, The Human Zoo, Manwatching and Babywatching. In this essay he talks about his own mother and the people who lived during the 18th century who were least bothered about the health foods and diet regimes. Morris’ mother in tune with 18th century:

Desmond Morris talks about his own mother who was born during the reign of Queen Victoria, and she enjoyed the robust food pleasures (less importance to healthy foods, table manners), she ate with lots of gusto piling her plate with greasy, fatty, fried up grill foods without any anxiety about their possible bad effects. It is advisable to chew each mouthful of food thirty-two times before swallowing. Watching his mother in action, Morris wanted to match her appetite and he also remarked that if she ignores the words of health gurus and diet experts, she would die young. Simple truth behind her mother:

She lived the whole of twentieth century (99 years of age) without even giving a moment’s thought to know what was correct to eat. If it tasted good it was all right for her. Her lack of anxiety (worry) about the diet kept her fit. For a good digestion you need to be perfectly relaxed in what we are eating. Only then, the parasympathetic nervous system will help us in good digestion. We should never worry about our diet system when we start to eat. On the other hand if we eat in fear and tension body refuses to co-operate and would suffer from cancer...
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