Definition of Cross Docking

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Cross Docking
Definition 1
In logistics the Cross-docking corresponds to a type of order picking (one of the functions of warehouse logistics) without placing merchandise in stock (inventory) or picking operation (collection). Let’s move materials with different destinations or consolidate goods from different origins. Strictly cross-docking is done without any intermediate storage. Avoid storage operations to reduce the time needed to logistics operations. It is because this system is used especially for fresh produce or the press, big Distributors, Distribution Center Paris, Grupo Exito, Servientrega, Carrefour, Cecofar, Eroski Group, Centro Cuesta Nacional, Celsur Logistics Professional, Jumbo Retail, Transfarmaco, Transport Furlong, Wal Mart and others. His intention is to also agree with the supplier of the goods preparation to reduce costs of reception, storage and preparation. For this system, we have implemented sorting machines , which by means of conveyor belts , and a classification system, are able to automatically distribute merchandise outlets setting the pace to the operator , in order to cut costs.

Definition 2:-

The cross-docking (or "cross-docking") is a method of organizing logistics flows for articulating and cross (hence the name) in a place called platform supply flows from suppliers with flow in the direction of delivery terminal delivery points. The process is widely used for the supply of large areas (but not only) and closely resembles the clustering techniques - unbundling used in the transport world-mail.

Operating mode
The input of the platform, converging packages received from separate providers via separate supply. Each package must be received by the transmitter labeled essential supplier and explicitly state the name and address of delivery of the final customer. In order to facilitate handling and control, the necessary and sufficient information must be easily and quickly identifiable. To do this use a video...
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