Decline of medieval societies

Topics: Holy Roman Empire, Feudalism, Pope Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: February 28, 2014
The decline of medieval societies was caused by a number of people and events. With the decline of the medieval frontier because of the bubonic plague or “Black Death” as it’s know, led to many civilians spreading out to a rural style of living. The more populated cities and state’s were more vulnerable to infection because of so many living so close together many who survived took there chance leaving the cities and the more rural areas had less infected. No longer being able to obtain all the necessities needed to live a plentiful secure life a system of trade was developed to obtain all the things needed in life. This was at a time where bartering was the only means of obtaining such items a system of trade where you exchange goods and services for other goods and services. The barter system and the feudal age made an easier lifestyle outside larger cities, but trade was still needed to provide you with everything you needed for survival. This began the rise of towns and urban societies originally arising in commonly known trade spots and easily defendable places. They started first as temporary establishments called "trade-fairs” usually close to a river or water since that was a large means of transportation. Towns were rare and very different to feudal society at this point and time. But with the development of towns it changed a lot of civilian’s rural style of living.

Trade and the development of towns had a major effect on society which was first started by the Italian merchants in the 13th century. This would eventually lead to the great development of the monied economy. A monetary system would have a huge effect on society socially, politically and personally. It would also give birth to capitalism, the exchange of goods and services which would be a major impact on society as a whole, even in the one we live in today. At this point in time people no longer wanted goods and services in exchange for their good and services, etc. Now people wanted...
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