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Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Privacy, Data Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Data Protection and Confidentiality in the Home based childcare setting

By law I am bound to adhere to the Data Protection act of 1998. Every Child and their families have a legal right to privacy; the act is designed to prevent confidential and personal information being passed on without the persons consent. This includes information held on my computer, the paperwork I hold on each child and photographs of the children in the childcare setting. It is crucial that I adhere to this act in all cases. This includes and not limited to : * The information I hold on each child’s personal record * Information I am told by parents

* Information held on forms such as the accident book
* Information about the child or family I am given by the school * Information I am told by the child
* Photographs of the children in my care (without prior consent) I will not discuss the child or the family to any other parent or child-minder (either in a playgroup setting or handing over to a new child-minder/ carer) this includes things such as behaviour, education, routines, religious beliefs etc….. I will only discuss the child and any information I have on them with the parent or guardian and the child. I will also not discuss the child with any professional ie (Teacher, speech therapist etc… ) without written permission from the parents unless I feel there are safeguarding issues where by telling the parent might jeopardise the safety of the child. Ie in instances of abuse and this information will only be discussed with the appropriate professional bodies such as the LSCB. If I break the data protection act I understand that this is punishable by la and can result in a very hefty fine from the ICO. As I intend to take photographs of the children in my care and or hold information on my computer I will be registering with the ICO as soon as necessary. I will ensure that the information I hold on my computer is password protected and that the paperwork I...
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