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Topics: Middle Ages, Dance, Black Death Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Hybrid Dance Appreciation Quiz 3

1. Describe the social classes in the Middle Ages. Which class did not exist during this time period? [pic]
No middle class existed in society. You were either a peasant (surf) or a member of the royal class

2. Describe how the Church used dance. Please give examples. The Church used dance as a teaching tool to bring more people to salvation. This dance was very subtle and often took place in the church. Codified arm gestures and movement patterns were used to tell stories with Biblical morals.

3.Name and describe the role of the first dancing master. According to historical documents, Guglielmo Ebreo (mid-15th century) was one of the first mentioned dancing masters. The beginning of this type of dance in royal circles paved the path for the birth of ballet. Ladies in long, hoop-skirted dresses danced with male partners in regal coats and knicker-like pants. The movement patterns and footwork were intricate in design. 4. Name and describe a popular three step dance movement.The Tripudia (a three step type of dance) was very popular at this time. From the description of this dance, I drew the conclusion that our current day conga lines, country and western two-step, and Cotton-Eyed Joe were loosely based on this pattern of movement. One group in France called themselves the Singing Servants of Christ. Elaborate Labyrinthine dances were performed in big mazes which were constructed inside a church. Much like a chain dance 5. What was the purpose of the Danse Macabre and where did it take place? The Churches' most famous dance "Danse Macabre" (the Dance of Death) was very popular at the end of the Middle Ages and well into the Renaissance. This dance was developed as a teaching tool by the Church around the time of the Black Plague (around 1347). Many people were dying and were in need of salvation. This dance often took place in a graveyard. The lead dancer portrayed the Devil. The goal...
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