Cypop5 Task 3

Topics: Family, Data Protection Act 1998, Childcare Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: June 21, 2013
In Childminding I will be required to practice confidentiality this means that I will not be discussing or sharing personal information I know about the families I work with. This doesn’t mean I can’t talk about the children and their families but maintaining a professional understanding nature towards the family, however there are two circumstances which I am able to share or pass on information; one is if I have the parents’ permission to do so two is if there is a concern for the child’s welfare or in a medical emergency (with permission slip in place).

Confidentiality is essential in childcare as it is families putting their trust and respect as parents give you personal information about their families, this could be very sensitive and raw such as court cases, social services it can also be regarding professionals like speech therapy, it should not be passed on to friends or family or other parents but only be used for the purpose that was given to you.

All written confidential files should be kept safe and secure, somewhere like in a filing cabinet that Iockable and only you have access to. If it is stored on the computer then it must be password protected and no one has access to it, this includes your family.


The Data protection act was bought into place in 1998 as many businesses (large and small) hold personal information about others, this information at no stage should be provided to others. As a Childminder I will hold information about children and their families so I know I must inform the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) but only if you keep details regarding the child’s health, behaviour or development on the computer, however this is only if I hold this information on an electronic device along with digital photos. You are not required to register if you keep information such as, names, ages, addresses, details of payments. It is always safe to register just in case you chose to take photos or use the computer to...
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