Cypop 5 Task1

Topics: Discrimination, Childcare, Local Education Authority Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 21, 2011
Learning outcome 1; understand how to set up a home based childcare service 1.1 produce an information sheet which outlines the following a)the current legislation for homebased childcare
b)the role of regulatory bodies
* Special education needs and disability act (2001) | To protect children from discrimination on the basis of disability| * Childcare register| The voluntary part of the register is for all childcare workers eg anyone caring for children from birth to 10 will appear on all the registers| * Sex discrimination act 1975| To ensure that each individual is not discriminated on the grounds of their sex| * Education act 2002| This requires schools and local education authorities to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children| * Education act 1981| Parents rights to do with childrens educationSpecial education needs| * Education act1993| |

* Public health 1984| The inclusion periods for certain infectous diseases| * Health and safety act at work 1974| |
* Childcare act 1999| A guide to all organisationworking with children.the provisions of the act are mandatory for childcare organisations| * Children’s act 1989| |
* Children’s act 2004 | Identifies five outcomes for all children and every child matters.Staying safeEnjoy and achieveKeeping healthyPositive contributionEconomic wellbeing|
* Chidcare act 2006 | This establishes new quality standards for childcare through the EYFS in England and wales| * Ofsted responsibilities| They will inspect chilcare providers who they recirve complaints aboutTo make sure you are suitable to care for childrenTo make sure you can provide a safe environment and their learning and development is catered for| * Race relations act 1976| Opportunity of equality must be promoted and settings shouldhave a policies and procedures which should be developed monitored and assessed...
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