Current And Media Affairs In Public Ser

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Current and Media affairs in public services
Media regulation and influences

The dictionary definition of regulation, ‘The act of regulating or the state of being regulated.’- Self-regulation dictionary meaning, ‘control by oneself or itself, as in an economy, business organization, etc., especially such control as exercised independently of governmental supervision, laws, or the like.’-

Data Protection act.
The data protection act is very confidential and data is protected by the law. Media is regulated by the data protection act so they are unable to breach confidential and to preserve information of individuals who are protected by the data protection act. The main reason why this act was brought into place was to protect people’s personnel data and for a right to privacy, an example of where this was breached before the act came into place was when two boys called Robert Thompson and Jon Venables killed 2 year old James Bulger and all of the UK hated then for what they did because it was so horrible and wrong that after they had done there sentence is prison they were given new identities so that they are protected from being attack from members of the public. The Broadcasting Standards Commission, Ofcom and the Press Complaints Commission have to follow the data protection act and have to regulate it. The Broadcasting Standards Commission was made by the Brosdcasting act, it's main feature are to produce codes of conduct regarding broadcasting standards, to evealuate and assess complaints made against TV and radio programmers and to conduct reasearch into issues of standards in TV and radio broadcasting. OffCom is funded by the fees that come in from industrys for regualating broascasting and communication networks and some from the government. Offcoms main functions are to regulate TV and radio, they are responsible for fixed line telecoms and mobile devices and to advertise parliament when it is settong technical aspects of regulation. They promote the interests of people to make sure that they get the best from there communication services and they can do this by making sure that the UK has a wide range of electronic communication services, including high speed internet connection having a wide range of high quality TV and radio programmes that are provided ans that they appeal to a wide range of people and cultures from a white christian to a muslim. People who wd listen to the watch television and listen to the radio will not hear any offencive language on the chosen one., also people who are on live televsion programmes or radio programmes are also protected from being unfairly an example of this is when Dapper Laughs said a joke about rape to a woman who had actually been raped and she found this very offencive and then it was later found that the show he had was cancelled because of it. The Press complaints commission is the industry that usually responds to issues regarding with newspapers and magazines. The Press complaints commission is a independant body that is funded by the annual levy it charges newspapers and magazines, it has no legal power of authorisation but all newspapers and magazines contribute to its cost and follow the rules and regulations of it. The Press complaints commission usually deals with complaints that they get from people that do not like the content that is in a certain newspaper or magazine, all national and regional magazines follow the code of conduct te covers issue such as the accuracy of the reporting story and a invasion of privacy, the Press complaints commission does offer a free service to the public who may have concerns about the accuracy of a news story that concerns them or a organisation. Control of the internet

The internet is another form of communication. There is some content on the internet that could be deemed as illegal or offencive, e.g ISIS...
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