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CU2479 Care Setting Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health and Social 1.1 Data protection act 1998 and the Caldicott review
1.2 The data protection act is there to set standards and is law when obtaining, recording, holding, using or disposing of personal data. The Caldicott review coincides with the data protection act in the Health and social care. To summarize this : BE open, honest and clear make sure the service user is clear on who the members off staff/team are that may need to see there notes, and that it is on a need to know biases only. Only share information outside the home if it is appropriate and necessary, and if you’re not 100% sure check it first before you do. When writing daily records you need to check existing records before starting a new one so you don’t duplicate records and that everything is up to date, stick to the facts and don’t put your personal opinions or comments in and use clear legible writing also explain all abbreviations e.g. ABX means antibiotics and PX means prescription. Information on service user should only be kept as long as necessary at honeysuckle house it is kept for years and then disposed by shredding and being burnt, information that is still in use needs to be kept safely in a locked cabinet or if it is on a computer the information is password protected. 2.1 Information storage systems should/could be locked filling cabinets, locked filling room and password protected file/computer. 2.2 Password protected computers/files give security for stored information so only people with the password can see/edit/add to this information. 2.3 To maintain records you need to make sure that you keep them up to date, accurate and legible e.g. MAR sheets make sure that you sign after you have given the medication out to an individual. 3.1 To support a work colleague to understand the need for secure handling of service users information and other information I would talk to the individual and...
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