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Topics: Black Death, English-language films, Death Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: July 23, 2013
The doctor entered the room with sadness in his eyes. He wore a waxed canvas-gown from ankle to neck, yellow gloves, a black leather hat and a bird-like mask. ‘I’m afraid your wife has septicemia. She is likely to die within the hours of today, I’m sorry Arthur.’ The doctor said in a distressing voice. Arthur’s facial expression changed vastly and whispered. ‘Are you sure? Couldn’t she just have a bad flue?’ ‘No,’ the doctor said strongly. ‘Sorry she has many of the symptoms such as the chills, delirium, fever, severe headaches and she has been vomiting everywhere.’ Arthur turned his head to his wife, Isabella who lay on her yellow straw filled mattress and began to pray. ‘Dear God, please help my wife overcome this disease. She doesn’t deserve this. She has not done anything wrong and…’ Arthur suddenly became interrupted by voices outside. ‘Bring out all the dead! We don’t want any more diseases! Bring out all the dead!’ The man said as he held a carriage complete with dead bodies. The man was wearing a ragtop and tunics and had a rough-looking face. Arthur’s suddenly stomach dropped. ‘Please, God. Amen.’

‘I believe my work is done now’ said the doctor as Arthur concluded his pray.

As the doctor left, he nailed a sign on their front door which read “Danger-Black Plague Victim: Septicemia (Black Plague)”.

The remainder of the day Arthur continued to prayer for Isabella knowing she WILL die within hours.

Day 3
5:15 A.M – Arthur awoke alongside Isabella. He slowly crept towards her intending to check her pulse doubting any activity in her system. He slowly put two fingers under her cheekbone. And, she was breathing! ‘Yay’! Arthur quietly shrieked joyfully, not wanting to disturb the town.

Arthur grabbed some bread and cheese for Isabella and himself for breakfast. Isabella ate the food slowly due to her sickness.

Later that day whilst Arthur was plowing his garden, he heard a loud shriek from inside. He rushed in and Isabella was coughing...
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